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lynne-weitzelI am focused on helping my clients resolve divorce disputes through settlement conferences, mediation, and arbitration. I understand that each of my clients is in a unique situation, and I am committed to listening to his/her concerns and clearly explaining the options. In addition, I will explain the likely outcome of each possible course of action.

Divorce, child custody, and other family law issues do not have to be combative and stressful. When the issues are complex, your future is at stake, and your emotions are running high, our office works hard to protect your legal rights while trying to avoid unnecessary conflict and heartache.

Many people come to me expecting a quick, uncontested divorce. However, once issues like child custody, parenting time, decision-making, paternity, spousal support/maintenance, and grandparents’ rights are introduced, the emotions involved may make reaching an agreement difficult. I represent my clients at settlement meetings, mediation, and arbitration hearings, where a majority of divorce disputes are resolved.

I have been practicing law since 1994 and have specialized in family law for more than 19 of those years. Our staff has been working together for over ten years. As parents ourselves, we remain open and sensitive to the difficult issues often encountered during the divorce process. Everyone in the office has children and we understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a balance between parents’ rights, and the safety and stability of the children’s lives.

The office policy is “the client comes first.” Clients select this firm for their family law issues because we work hard to reach a fair agreement. Our firm has a knack for being able to cut to the crucial and important issues to reach solid agreements in favor of our clients.

I understand that every divorce is unique, and I am committed to listening to each client’s concerns, fears, and goals. My staff and I take extra time to clearly explain all options and the potential outcomes of each course of action. Often, people expect a quick, uncontested divorce. Once issues pertaining to children, spousal support (alimony), and/ or property rights are introduced however, emotions may make reaching an agreement difficult. Thus, in mediation, which is usually required by the courts, I work with you and your spouse, or his/her counsel, to attempt to reach an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, I will vigorously represent you in court before the Judge.