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Just as a divorce transforms the nuclear family relationships into new arrangements, it also affects the extended families. Colorado law extends cautious recognition to the rights of grandparents for maintaining regular visitation with grandchildren, but this recognition is anything but automatic. We work with grandparents who want to stabilize a right of access to their grandchildren as well as with parents who have good reasons for opposing formal grandparent visitation.

Disputes over grandparent visitation can also come up when the grandchild’s parents are unmarried. There are also times we advise grandparents about grandparent custody. A grandparent who acts as a child’s primary caregiver might be interested in acquiring a formal allocation of parental rights from the Court when one or both parents can’t provide a stable home environment for the child. The objective is to obtain legal recognition of parental authority similar to that of a guardian during a period when the child’s parents can’t meet the full range of their responsibilities, or on a permanent basis.

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