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Pre-marital/Post nuptial/Marital agreements

Prenuptial agreements (sometimes referred to as premarital agreements, ante-nuptial agreements, or pre-nups) are contracts written prior to a marriage for the disposition of property or maintenance should the parties divorce at some time in the future. Often, premarital agreements are used as a tool to protect the inheritance rights of children from a prior marriage.

In an era where more people are entering into marriage later in life, and many people are getting married for the second time, a prenuptial agreement can be an important tool for protecting assets accumulated prior to the marriage. More importantly, the second time around the parties may already have children and wish to protect their existing assets for the benefit of the children.

Many people who are already married, also determine it would be wise, and have agreements drafted to dispose of property and outline future maintenance should the parties ever divorce in the future.

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